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There are many people in Deviant art that no one pays attention to, but are better than popular sonic artists for what they use. This group is here so they can find eachother and get know for how great their art REALLY is!
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 16, 2010


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2,126 Members
2,181 Watchers
88,167 Pageviews
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Welcome to Sonic-Nobodys-Unite!
Here are your admins! We are all friendly so don't hesitate to chat to us or ask us if you need anything!









Sonic thumps up by Gregarlink10

Please read the rules below before joining.

You will not be accepted until you read the rules. We WILL know if you haven't read them!

Hey there, fellow sonic artist!
Welcome to Sonic-Nobodys-Unite, the go to group for sonic artists with under 300 watchers who wanna get a little more spotlight and feedback from their fellow artists!

:bulletred: Do you have less than 300 watchers? Do you want more? Join us! :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Submit your art! Get it out there! Learn from others and improve! There is no limit to how much you can submit per day! :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Keep posting and be a part of the S-N-U community until you become famous!! :bulletblue:

We consider 300+ watchers to be famous, and unfortnately once you reach that, the requirements are you leave the group. Boo! You are welcome to DevWatch us though- so go ahead and click the button and support your friends!

:bulletred: Once you reach 300 members or more, you need to leave the group. Please keep an eye on your watch count! :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: We would appreciate it if you made a journal and told your watchers about us! :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Support your friends and fellow artists and help them become famous just like you! :bulletblue:

Here is a quick guide to what we consider to be a 'nobody' exactly:

:bulletgreen: 0-99 watchers, You are MORE than welcome! A lot of artists have started out here with 0 and reached 300 while in the group!
:bulletyellow: 100-199 watchers, You are welcome too! Come along and submit your work!
:bulletorange: 200-299 watchers, You are starting to get yourself known! If you fit in to this category, please be mindful of your watchers and keep an eye on them.
:bulletred: 300+ watchers, Sorry! We consider this to be famous, and this group isn't for you! This group is for encouraging the people who aren't as lucky as you!


READ THIS!!! sonic-nobodys-unite.deviantart…

The rules are pretty simple! All we want from you guys is honesty and a fair playing field for all- a fun environment to help artists grow and develop together.
Therefore, the rules are as follows:
:bulletblack: NO recolors, dollmaker screenshots or art that is not yours in the gallery. These will be instantly declined.
:bulletblack: Rudeness and bullying will NOT be tollerated!! You will be removed from the group immediately if caught.
:bulletblack: You kinda have to like Sonic and the sonic franchise!
:bulletblack: Fan characters and official characters are all accepted.
:bulletblack: No inappropriate content unless it is properly censored; it must be PG13. If your deviation has a 'mature warning' on it, it's pretty likely it will be declined here.
:bulletblack: We will accept bases but you MUST credit the owner of the base. No traced bases will be accepted- that includes bases found on DA of Sonic X screenshots, for example.
:bulletblack: You MUST have below 300 watchers!
:bulletblack: Once you get 300 watchers YOU MUST LEAVE! Tell us, and we can add you to a feature letting everyone known you reached your goal!
:bulletblack: Do NOT make a second account to join this group! This includes
- you reached 300 watchers and make a new account
- you have a side account (ONE ACCOUNT ONLY MAY JOIN)
- neither your side account OR main account should have over 300 watchers. If you join with a side account and your main has 300+, you'll be removed from the group.
:bulletblack: When you submit a deviation please submit to the correct folder. If in doubt, contact the admins. We don't bite. :)
:bulletblack: If you are making another account, or leaving DA in general or lost interest in Sonic art, PLEASE leave this group before abandoning your account as it clogs up our members logs and makes the work load for the admins so much more than it needs to be!
:bulletblack: If you want to join the group, you must write the word 'pokemon' in your join request so we know you have read and understood the rules.
:bulletblack: Do NOT post the password in the comments, journals, or your join request after it's been declined. If you posted a request and were declined, RESUBMIT a NEW request with the password in it.

Thank you all SO much for supporting your fellow artists and letting people know that everyone has to start somewhere -- everyone can reach their full potential one day!Sonic thumps up by Gregarlink10


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AstralSonic Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Farewell everyone! Since I have exceeded past 300 watchers, I will be taking my leave. Thank you all for supporting me and favoriting my artworks, I appreciate it very much ^^
As a departing gift, I leave this to all of you:…
Happy Birthday Sonic!
Blue-Rebelle Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck on your way !!

Also congratulations on this !!
AstralSonic Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much! :dummy: :D
Blue-Rebelle Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are very welcome !
Y-1224 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Excuse me, but do I have a limit on how much I can contribute per day?
Blue-Rebelle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes 3 per day
wr024190 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015
Where do you put fusions?
Blue-Rebelle Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What do you exactly mean ?
wr024190 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015
I have some Sonic fusions that I'd like to share. Where would one put them?
Blue-Rebelle Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you give me an exemple on this reply ?
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